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To get started run

npm install assault -g

here is an example of cli usage

assault -f ./request.json -m 1000 -c 10 -t 10000

The above command starts a queue with the contents of the request file sets the max number of requests to 1000 and the concurrency to 10. It also sets a timeout of 10000 ms. No request can take more than 10000ms.

The data in the request file can contain any valid Object that can be accepted by the request npm module. This is an example of a POST with a raw JSON body. This also sets Content-Type: application/json in the request headers.

contents of ./request.json

        "query":"JSON PARAM"

assault will respond with information about the load test

  • CODE: Each Response Code
  • NUM: Number of Requests that got that respons
  • MS: Average response time
CODE: 200 NUM: 101 MS: 386.4752475247525
CODE: 500 NUM: 13 MS: 84.123135