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    20.3.0 • Public • Published

    Node.js Cloud SDK wraps Aspose.Diagram REST API so you could seamlessly integrate Microsoft Visio® file generation, manipulation, conversion & processing features into your own Node.js applications.

    Process Visio® Files in the Cloud

    Aspose.Diagram Cloud SDK for Node.js helps you develop Visio file manipulation applications while using the REST API. Diagram Cloud SDK allows your applications to work with Microsoft Visio Object Model in order to create the diragrams from scratch, edit existing diagrams or convert diagrams to popular formats including PDF, HTML, images and other Visio formats.

    Diagram Processing Features

    • Programmatically create new Microsoft Visio diagrams via API.
    • Convert Visio flow-charts to other supported formats.
    • Retrieve document information of a Visio file.
    • Export Visio files to raster images, fixed-layout and HTML formats.
    • Upload your business oriented Visio diagrams to cloud storage.

    Please refer to Developer's Guide to see what else you can achieve.

    New Features in Version 20.3

    Added support to draw following objects on a page:

    • Polyline
    • Line
    • Ellipse

    Added support to:

    • Set page setting
    • Add new empty page
    • Get pages info

    For the detailed notes, please visit Aspose.Diagram Cloud 20.3 Release Notes.

    Read & Write Visio File Formats

    Microsoft Visio: VSDX, VSX, VTX, VDX, VSSX, VSTX, VSDM, VSSM, VSTM

    Save Visio Diagrams As

    Fixed Layout: PDF, XPS Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG, EMF Web: HTML Other: XAML, SWF

    Read Visio Formats

    Microsoft Visio: VDW, VSD, VSS, VST

    Integrated Storage API

    Since version 19.10, SDK includes support of storage operations for better user experience and unification, so now there's no need to use 2 different SDKs!

    It gives you an ability to:

    • Upload, download, copy, move and delete files, including versions handling (if you are using Cloud storage that supports this feature - true by default).
    • Create, copy, move and delete folders.
    • Copy and move files and folders across separate storages in scope of a single operation.
    • Check if certain file, folder or storage exists.

    Getting Started with Aspose.Diagram Cloud SDK for Node.js

    Firstly, create an account at Aspose for Cloud to get your application information and free quota to use the API. Now execute npm install aspose-diagram-cloud-node --save from the command line to install Aspose.Diagram Cloud SDK for Node.js via NPM.

    The complete source code is available at GitHub Repository.

    Create a Diagram File in the Cloud via Node.js

    const { DiagramFileApi, DiagramFile_PutCreateRequest } = require("asposediagramcloud");
    var AppSid = ""
    var AppKey = ""
    diagramFileApi = new DiagramFileApi(AppSid, AppKey);
    var req = new DiagramFile_PutCreateRequest(); = "output.vdx";
    req.isOverwrite = true;
    diagramFileApi.diagramFilePutCreate(req).then((result) => {
        console.log('API Response:', result);
    }).catch(function(err) {
        // deal with error
        console.log('Error:', err);

    Convert Visio to PDF in the Cloud via Node.js

    const { DiagramFileApi, DiagramFile_PostSaveAsRequest, FileFormatRequest } = require("asposediagramcloud");
    var AppSid = ""
    var AppKey = ""
    diagramFileApi = new DiagramFileApi(AppSid, AppKey);
    var StorageApi = require("asposestoragecloud")
    var config = {'appSid':AppSid, 'apiKey':AppKey};
    var storageApi = new StorageApi(config);
    var fileName = 'template.vsd';
    var data_path = '../your path/';
    storageApi.PutCreate(fileName, versionId=null, storage=null, file= data_path + fileName , function(responseMessage) {
        console.log('status:', responseMessage.status);
        console.log('body:', responseMessage.body);
    var req = new DiagramFile_PostSaveAsRequest();
    var format = new FileFormatRequest();
    format.format = "pdf"; = fileName;
    req.isOverwrite = true;
    req.newfilename = "output.pdf";
    req.format = format;
    diagramFileApi.diagramFilePostSaveAs(req).then((result) => {
        console.log('API Response:', result);
    }).catch(function(err) {
        // deal with error
        console.log('Error:', err);

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