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aspm - Atom-Shell package manager

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A node CLI script like npm but for Atom-Shell. Install and build npm-modules for Atom-Shell.

aspm is designed as a replacement for npm if you're working on an Atom-Shell project.

Warning: May be unreliable at the moment.

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Since you're using Atom-Shell you most likely have those installed already.

  • node & npm(global)
  • node-gyp(global), also fulfill it's requirements.


Install (preferred globally) with npm install aspm -g.


  • Install globally with npm. npm install -g aspm
  • Add some configuration to your package.json. (See Configuration. This is optional but highly recommended.)
  • Now use aspm in place of npm in your project.


  Usage: aspm [options] [command]


    install|i [module]  install module (fetch & build)
    fetch|f [module]    fetch module
    build|b <module>    build module


    -h, --help                        output usage information
    -V, --version                     output the version number
    -t, --target <version>            Atom-Shell version
    -a, --arch <arch>                 target architecture
    -a, --target-platform <platform>  target platform
    -s, --save                        save as dependency to package.json
    -s, --save-dev                    save as devDependency to package.json
    --tarball                         (fetch the url and) install from tarball.

Configuration (optional)

You can (and should to make things more convenient) configure default values for target, arch and platform in your package.json.

  "config": {
    "atom-shell": {
      "version": "0.19.5",
      "arch": "ia32",
      "platform": "win32"

This way you can use it just like npm without additional parameters (for basic tasks as shown in usage).

Overriding configuration

You can always set/override some or all configuration values. For example: aspm install --target 0.19.5 --arch ia32.

Without configuration

Important: If you don't specify default values, you'll always have to provide at least a target and arch.


Please note that sqlite3 as an example does not work at the moment because of node-pre-gyp.

# Install all modules from package.json
aspm install

# Install specific module and save as dependency in package.json
aspm install sqlite3 --save

# Install specific module in a specific version and save as dependency in package.json
aspm install sqlite3@3.0.4 --save

# Install multiple module and save as dependency in package.json
aspm install sqlite3 async --save

# Install module from tarball
# In contrast to npm you have to specify the module name here too.
aspm install sqlite3 --tarball https://github.com/mapbox/node-sqlite3/archive/master.tar.gz --target 0.19.5 --arch ia32

# Build a specific module for a specific target
aspm build sqlite3 --target 0.19.5 --arch ia32

How it works

Under the hood

We basically just call out to npm and node-gyp with some additional arguments.

Support for modules that use node-pre-gyp

We have basic support for compiling modules that use node-pre-gyp (i.e. sqlite3) by faking some stuff.


There may or may not be several (maybe better?) alternatives to this.

I haven't looked into these, yet.


npm i [email protected]





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