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Simple AskGeo API wrapper. See AskGeo to obtain an API Key.

Installation via npm

$ npm install askgeo

TimeZone Object

timezone returns a TimeZone object. An example:

  IsInside: 'true',
  AskGeoId: 12580,
  MinDistanceKm: 0,
  TimeZoneId: 'America/New_York',
  ShortName: 'EDT',
  CurrentOffsetMs: -14400000,
  WindowsStandardName: 'Eastern Standard Time',
  InDstNow: 'true'


Account id and api keys can be set as environment variables and will be attempted to retrieve at process.env.ASK_GEO_ACCOUNT_ID and process.env.ASK_GEO_API_KEY. If they are set then the callback in each function can be moved up two arguments.

.timezone(lat, lon, id, key, callback)

Given a lat, lon point, return a TimeZone object.

askgeo.timezone(38.9001028, -76.9997817, console.log);