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    Asciidoctor.js: AsciiDoc in JavaScript powered by Asciidoctor

    Asciidoctor.js brings AsciiDoc to the JavaScript world!

    This project uses Opal to transpile Asciidoctor, a modern implementation of AsciiDoc, from Ruby to JavaScript to produce asciidoctor.js. The asciidoctor.js script can be run on any JavaScript platform, including Node.js, GraalVM and, of course, a web browser.


    $ npm i asciidoctor --save


    Here is a simple example that converts AsciiDoc to HTML5:


    const asciidoctor = require('asciidoctor')() // <1>
    const content = '[*Asciidoctor*] ' +
      'running on[_Opal_] ' +
      'brings AsciiDoc to Node.js!'
    const html = asciidoctor.convert(content) // <2>
    console.log(html) // <3>
    • <1> Instantiate the Asciidoctor.js library
    • <2> Convert AsciiDoc content to HTML5 using Asciidoctor.js
    • <3> Print the HTML5 output to the console

    Save the file as sample.js and run it using the node command:

    $ node sample.js

    You should see the following output in your terminal:

    <div class="paragraph">
    <p><a href=""><strong>Asciidoctor</strong></a> running on <a href=""><em>Opal</em></a> brings AsciiDoc to Node.js!</p>

    If you want to know more about Asciidoctor.js, please read the User Manual.


    In the spirit of free software, everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. If you discover errors or omissions in the source code, documentation, or website content, please don't hesitate to submit an issue or open a pull request with a fix. New contributors are always welcome!

    The Contributing guide provides information on how to contribute.

    If you want to write code, the Contributing Code guide will help you to get started quickly.


    Copyright (C) 2019 Dan Allen, Guillaume Grossetie, Anthonny Quérouil and the Asciidoctor Project. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the MIT License.

    See the LICENSE file for details.


    npm i asciidoctor

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