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    Trello arvis Workflow

    Arvis workflow for Trello. Search your boards, quickly add cards, and view list of cards from Trello right in arvis.


    $ npm install --global arvis-trello


    • In arvis, type t and your query to search for your Trello boards. Press Enter to open the board's URL.
    • In arvis, type tt, and press Enter to show the cards in your specifed board.
    • In arvis, type tcand your query. Press Enter to add a card to your specified list.

    Workflow Configuration (Environment Variables)

    name value
    key Get Trello API key
    token Get Trello API token
    board Get board id from the board URL
    list Get the list id from your Trello board
    user Get your Trello username
    • FAQ: How do I find the ids?
    1. Open the Trello board that contains the list.

    2. If the list doesn't have any cards, add a card to the list.

    3. Open the card, add '.json' at the end of the URL, and press enter.

    4. In the JSON file, you will see a field called id, idList.

    5. put id on board, idList on list.

    6. get your user value from profile page.


    MIT © mblode

    🔗 This workflow is converted from alfred-workflow.

    • Note that there might be some code change or different actions from the original workflow.

    • Marked original workflow's creator to author.


    npm i arvis-trello

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