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Artillery plugin that reports load test results to Datadog.

The plugin uses datadog-metrics to submit Artillery metrics to Datadog over HTTPS and does not require a StatsD server (Datadog Agent). An alternative to this is artillery-plugin-statsd which uses StatsD.


  • Install this plugin and Artillery (npm install artillery artillery-plugin-datadog)
  • Create a configuration file for Artillery. Specify Datadog as the plugin to use.
# skynet.yaml 
    duration: 3
      arrivalRate: 15
      name: "First stage"
      # Custom hostname (leave blank if not desired) 
      host: ''
      # Custom metric prefix (defaults to 'artillery.') 
      prefix: 'artillery.'
      # Additional tags for all metrics 
        - 'mode:test'
          url: /status

Run artillery and specify Datadog API key as an environment variable.

$ DATADOG_API_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxx artillery run skynet.yaml


The following metrics are collected from Artillery and sent to Datadog.

  • artillery.scenarios.created: Number of scenarios created
  • artillery.scenarios.completed: Number of scenarios completed
  • artillery.requests.pending: Number of HTTP requests pending
  • artillery.requests.completed: Number of HTTP requests completed
  • artillery.response.2xx: Aggregate count of all responses whose HTTP code was in the 2xx range
  • artillery.response.3xx: Aggregate count of all responses whose HTTP code was in the 3xx range
  • artillery.response.4xx: Aggregate count of all responses whose HTTP code was in the 4xx range
  • artillery.response.5xx: Aggregate count of all responses whose HTTP code was in the 5xx range
  • artillery.response.200: Count of responses whose HTTP code was 200 (exactly). Similarly named metric is repeated for each response status code
  • artillery.response.ok_pct: Percentage (in the range 0 - 100) of responses that returned with a 2xx or 3xx status code
  • artillery.latency.min: Min latency
  • artillery.latency.max: Max latency
  • artillery.latency.p99: 99th percentile latency
  • artillery.latency.p95: 95th percentile latency
  • artillery.latency.median: Median latency
  • artillery.scenarioDuration.min: Min scenario duration
  • artillery.scenarioDuration.max: Max scenario duration
  • artillery.scenarioDuration.median: Median scenario duration
  • artillery.scenarioDuration.p95: 95th percentile scenario duration
  • artillery.scenarioDuration.p99: 99th percentile scenario duration
  • artillery.rps.mean: Average number of requests per second


Artillery plugin system documentation is at

To display debug info, run Artillery with the DEBUG environment variable:

$  DATADOG_API_KEY=xxxxx DEBUG=metrics,plugin:datadog artillery run skynet.yml


Apache-2.0 license