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    Simplified system of statuses for HTTP and any other network protocol

    A core set of status-codes that code can reason about easily.


    Minimal set of codes so Clients can reason about network requests in a consistant way.


    Have a small, simple set of status codes for our programs to reason about, and, if necessary, allow the communication channel to return additional information in the form of a 'message' that humans can look at to get more information about any failures.


    The statuses:

    • success: yay!
    • missing: the resouce does not exist (404)
    • clientFailure: fix client code or user inputs
    • clientFailureNotAuthorized: resource exists but not allowed to access; fix client code or user inputs
    • serverFailure: fix server code
    • networkFailure: retry when network is working
    • pending: request is in progress

    Conditions Code can Reason About

    The guiding principle for ArtCommunicationStatus is grouping network request statuses into simple categories that code can automatically reason about. Here are some examples of how these communication status's can be handled:

    • success
      • the return data is valid, proceed!
    • missing
      • alert "The resoure is not available."
    • networkFailure
      • automatic retries
      • test a known-good URL to validate if there is any network connection at all
      • alert "Please check your network connection."
    • clientFailure
      • assuming the client is bug-free, ask the user to fix their submission (Ex: wrong password)
      • alert "Yikes! That's not quite right. Please try again."
    • clientFailureNotAuthorized
      • ask the user to log in or re-log in as a different user
      • ask the user to present additional credentials
    • serverFailure
      • alert "Ooops! We're sorry, but something went wrong on our servers. We'll fix it ASAP! In the mean time, how about some tea?"

    Why not HTTP Status codes?

    1. They cover so much, most of which automatic code cannot do anything about other than report an error, possibly to be viewed by a human later.
    2. there is no HTTP status code for networkFailure.
    3. 404 isn't really a client-error or a server-error, it's its own thing: status: missing
    • By definition:
      • a client-error means there is something the client can do to fix it.
      • a server-error means there is something the server can do to fix it.
    • Unless the 404-response itself was a bug, 404 fits in neither of those categories.
    • Example: If the client requests a resource once and it works, then fires the exact same request again and the resource is now 404, it's not the client's fault.




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