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A web-based approach to rapid Arduino prototyping. Program your Arduino board straight from the browser using JavaScript and GUI controls.



npm install -g arscripter


  1. Connect Arduino via USB
  2. Execute arscripter
  3. Navigate to http://localhost:8080 in web browser
  • Toggle the mode and/or value of a pin by clicking on the appropriate label
  • PWM values can be set via the adjacent slider
  • Analog values can be viewed in the adjacent graph


  • loop(ms, handler())
    Execute the handler function every ms milliseconds

  • display(msg)
    Print msg to the output pane

  • getPinValue(pin)
    Returns the current value of the given pin

  • setPinValue(pin, value)
    Write a value to a given pin

  • toggleDigitalValue(pin)
    Write the opposite of the current value of a given pin

  • getPinMode(pin)
    Returns the current mode of the given pin

  • setPinMode(pin, mode)
    Set the mode of a given pin, one of the possible pin modes (see below)

Pin Modes

  • 0: Input
  • 1: Output
  • 2: Analog
  • 3: PWM

Basic Script

var pin = 13;
loop(1000, function() {  
  setTimeout(function() {
   display('Pin ' + pin + ' value: ' + getPinValue(pin) + '\n');
  }, 10);


  • The first analog pin is reached at the number following the last digital pin (e.g. the last digital pin on the Uno is pin 13, so A0 is pin 14).