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Ark Plumbing Imagespace

NPM Version:

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As we will have multiple application in the future we wanted to be sure that had the same consistent style across the board with our Imagespaces. As this was the case we have created a component that we use can reuse, maintaining the same functionality and look across the estate. This component allows us to have an area of content with a defined image in the background and text content in the foreground of the block.

Getting started

To install the Imagespace component use the following command:

npm install ark-plumbing-imagespace --save

This will save the component to your dependencies.

Using the component

To use the component use the following line of code to import the distributed Imagespace file:

import Imagespace from 'ark-plumbing-imagespace/dist/Imagespace';

To the use the component the line of code below will set it up for you:

  header="Our home of UI"
  subHeader="One place for all our front end work"
  linkText="Find out more"