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A poor man's test runner for tap, tape, or similar, that also can be used with istanbul. It's just three lines of code to require pathnames from the command line. Shell globbing test runner, if you will, which you can do when your tests are simple scripts.


Install like:

npm i argg --save-dev

…then in your package.json add:

"scripts": {
    "test": "node node_modules/argg tests/*.js",
    "cover": "istanbul cover node_modules/argg tests/*.js"

…so from the command line, you can run tests and get code coverage with istanbul like:

npm test
npm run cover


Hey ok, tap has a nice test runner, but I would need something like this for tape by itself, or for either tap or tape with istanbul. I could make a file and explicitly require the files, but that takes typing, and I know I'd miss something.


MIT licensed by permission from my employer. See LICENSE.txt.