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Ruby's ARGF for node.js

ARGF is a stream designed for use in scripts that process files given as command-line arguments, or passed in via STDIN.

ARGF is very useful for comand line utilities.


var ARGF = require('./index.js');

var argf = new ARGF();
argf.forEach(function (line) {
    process.stdout.write('LINE(' + ( || '-') + ") " + line);



var argf = new ARGF([Array files])

Create a new instance of ARGF. You can pass a argv by yourself. By default, ARGF uses process.argv as a file list.

If files.length is 0, ARGF reads data from stdin.

argf.forEach(function (line) { ... })

This iterates over each line.

argf.forEachChar(function (line) { ... })

This iterates over each char.

Current stream object. You can get a current file path by


This is a file encoding. It's utf-8 by default.