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Node.js module shared by webOS SDK & Ares IDE to generate new projects & manage projects options. This module is not meant to be used any other way than mounted as a Git sub-module in an NPM-hierarchy.


Before forming a GitHub Pull-Request (PR), please run the prepared jshint command as pull-request with jshint errors will be rejected.

npm test

Unit test suite:

First download & unpack bootplate-2.2 under /tmp (or the OS equivalent on Windows, see below on how to get the proper location for your OS)

curl > /tmp/
cd /tmp
  • Run the full test suite using default at default reporting level (error):
    node_modules/.bin/mocha test/generator.spec.js
  • Run the full test suite using default at info level (will give you the location where to put bootplate-2.2 for your OS):
    node node_modules/.bin/mocha test/generator.spec.js --level info
  • Run the full test suite using Node.js 0.8.25/x86 at silly level:
    node-0.8.25-x86 node_modules/.bin/mocha test/generator.spec.js --level silly
  • Run a single test t9.1 using Node.js 0.8.25/x86 at verbose level:
    node-0.8.25-x86 node_modules/.bin/mocha --grep t9.1 test/generator.spec.js --level verbose
  • Run tests matching t5.* at default reporting level (error):
    node_modules/.bin/mocha --grep t5. test/generator.spec.js

Example output:

$   node_modules/.bin/mocha --grep t5. test/generator.spec.js
  Testing generator
    ✓ t5.0. should generate a config based on one sub-folder (no exclusion) 
    ✓ t5.1. should generate a config based on one sub-folder (no exclusion, prefix removed) 
    ✓ t5.2. should generate a config based on one sub-folder (no exclusion, prefix added) 
  ✔ 3 tests complete (44 ms)