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Area is an extremely simple synchronization mechanism for asynchronous jobs. This is basically a slightly improved version of job counter, and is usually for synchronizing arbitrary number of jobs.

How to Use

First, of course, we have to create an area.

var Area = require('area')
  , area = new Area()

Then, let functions join area.

do_something(arg, function(err, ret) {
  do_more(function() { ... }.join(area))

Note that join must be called only when a function is passed as a callback.

// This code is WRONG
var callback = function () { ...  }.join(area) // <--- DONT DO THIS

Last, set the callback to be called after the completion of all the function in area.

area.join(function() {


Function#join should NOT be used on asynchronous callbacks which are called multiple times. In this case, you must use Area#increase and Area#decrease to manually adjust counter. However, if you can set on-complete callback, use join on it.

// Correct
arr.asyncMap(do_something, on_complete.join(area))

How It Works

Area is really just a job counter. I merely rephrased crude integer expressions to something "looks" better.

Here's what happens under the hood:
Function#join increments counter, and wraps the function with some extra code. When your function returns, the extra code decrements counter. Once the counter reaches zero, the callback for the corresponding Area is called.

If you're still confused, please read the following code snippets, which are (almost) the same:

// Area
do_something(function() {

// integer counter
cnt ++
do_something(function() {
  cnt --


Public domain. See LICENSE or [] for more details.