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This is an in-browser 3D model of an AR.Drone that shows telemetry live using three.js.

See a demo at



To run it with your drone, first do

npm install

Then connect to your drone's wifi and start the app:

node app.js

Now point your browser at http://localhost:3000/, pick up your drone and make it dance.

Alternately, if you don't have a drone handy, you can press the "Play" button on the page and watch the playback of some telemetry data I recorded with my drone.

Just a simple hack

This is just a simple, ugly hack:

  1. Take the "ar drone 2.0 bleu" Sketchup model by tototech and tweak it a little.

  2. Start with eschnou's ardrone-webflight and modify it a bit. Really I just use it to get the navdata websocket, but this entire project could be a plugin for ardrone-webflight.

  3. Create a subclass of THREE.Object3D that knows how to transform rotations from the AR.Drone frame of reference/coordinate system into the three.js coordinate system:

var Drone = function(model) {;
Drone.prototype = Object.create(THREE.Object3D.prototype);
var PI180 = Math.PI / 180.0;
Drone.prototype.updateState = function(navdata) {
  var euler = navdata.demo.rotation;
  var m = new THREE.Matrix4();
  // I couldn't find documentation on the AR.Drone Euler angle order, 
  // but this seems to work. 
  m.makeRotationFromEuler(new THREE.Vector3(euler.roll * PI180,
                                            euler.yaw * -PI180,
                                            euler.pitch * PI180),
  this.matrix = m;
  this.matrixAutoUpdate = false;