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A build tool for CoffeeScript/JavaScript projects


Arabica is a simple tool for building CoffeeScript/JavaScript projects. It will concatenate and compile multiple .coffee/.js files into a single output, optionally minified using UglifyJS.

Project options are specified in arabica.json, located at the root of your project.

  "paths": [
  "out": "build.min.js",
  "uglify": true

arabica build DIRECTORY=. - Build the project using the arabica.json file located at DIRECTORY (defaults to current directory)

arabica clean DIRECTORY=. - Remove the output file specified in arabica.json in DIRECTORY (defaults to current directory)

arabica [-v | --version] - Display the currently installed version

There is a simple example set up in the example/ directory.

Arabica is distributed as an npm package. To install, type

$ npm install arabica -g

This will install the arabica executable on your system.

Arabica is licensed under MIT. For details, see the LICENSE file.