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AR atom - nav link

A stateless navigation link, written in react, inline with atomic design principles

When should I use it

The component should be used whenever a navigation link is needed, and passed the relevant properties for it to function and appear correctly in its context.

As an atom (see atomic design), it should likely be used as part of another component (organisms and molocules).

How should I use it

The navigation link should be installed via npm, imported into you file/project and then used in situ


yarn add ar-atom-nav-link


import navlink from 'ar-atom-nav-link';


<navlink />

How can I update it

Things to note

The component uses symantic versioning, with the intention of it being possible to use it in multiple places with the relevant feature for the context, and for developers to better reason if newer versions would break functionality.


Run the below commands to generate a development copy of the component and open it in a browser.

git clone
yarn install
yarn start

You can then begin editing the files in the src directory. Once finished, update the examples in:

  • /
  • /example/index.jsx

Publishing changes

Running the below command will bump the version number. You should then commit and push your changes to the git repository.

npm publish:<patch/minor/major>

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