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NodeJs Client for Appzone

Appzone is the only Cloud Telco Platform in Srilanka which operates on Etisalt Srilanka. This is 100% appzone compatible client library for NodeJs


  • NodeJS 0.4 +
  • npm 0.3 +


npm install appzone

Not Just A Dump API

Appzone for NodeJS is not a dump API which replicates the Appzone Core API but provides you a much cleaner interface to do what you wanted to do. Message retries will be happen behind the seen and avoid most of the tedious works from you.


import the library

var appzone = require('appzone');


var sender = appzone.sender('http://appzone-server', 'appId', 'password');

sender.sendSms('07223434', 'this is my message', function(err, resp) {
	//do what ever after message sent

sender.broadcastSms('broadcast message');

sender.sendUssd('address', 'conversationId', 'message');

sender.sendUssdAndTerminate('address', 'conversationId', 'message');


var receiver = appzone.receiver('8734') //any port you like

//receive SMS
receiver.onSms(function(sms) {
	//sample sms object
	//{address: "234343", message: "dscdfHh", correlator: "434", version: "1.0"}

//receive USSD
receiver.onUssd(function(ussd) {
	//sample ussd object
	//{address: "234343", message: "dscdfHh", correlatationId: "434", conversationId: "343434394893", version: "1.0"}

//receive USSD termination
receiver.onUssdTerminate(function(ussd) {
	//sample ussd object (this doesn't have the message)
	//{address: "234343", correlatationId: "434", conversationId: "343434394893", version: "1.0"}