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A command-line utility to generate and build cordova apps for manifest-enabled web applications. Specify a shellfile.json containing configuration for your app, including icon and splashcreen assets, cordova plugins to include and target platforms.


Create a shellfile.json file in your working directory and run the appshell-generator command:

$ appshell-generator

Supported platforms and build targets

appshell-generator supports OSX, Linux and Windows. Build targets can be ios, android or windows. Refer to for more information.

Example shellfile.json

    "name": "Demo13",
    "displayName": "Demo 13",
    "identifier": "com.acresta.acdemo13",
    "answerspace": "",
    "icon": "/Users/jackson/Desktop/logo.png",
    "splash": "/Users/jackson/Desktop/splash.png",
    "platform": ["ios", "android"],
    "plugins": [