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    Apply Config


    A collection of scripts to quickly provide a base config of various common setups to your project

    ESLint (with typescript and prettier)

    Configure your typescript project to work with eslint simply by running:

    npx apply-config eslint-typescript

    This script will configure eslint to run on your project and install dependencies to lint typescript and to run prettier.

    • Verifies that package.json can be located
    • copies the base .eslintrc.js to your project folder
    • adds or updates the lint npm script
    • installs the required dev dependencies

    The sample config is supposed to be a starting point to get you going. You can then add or edit the rules as you see fit.

    GitHub Actions

    Get started with 2 simple workflows, one that runs your build on every check-in and one that pushes to NPM when you create a release

    npx apply-config github-actions
    • Verifies that package.json can be located
    • copies build.yml and release.yml to .github/workflows

    Karma Webpack (with typescript support)

    An alternative to using angular test bed. Faster to run and much less maintenance.

    npx apply-config karma-webpack-typescript
    • Verifies that package.json can be located
    • asks for the location to copy test.ts to (defaults to src)
    • copies the base karma.conf.js to your project folder
    • copies test.ts to specified folder
    • adds or updates the test and test:watch npm script
    • installs the required dev dependencies

    ESLint Typescript

    npx apply-config eslint-typescript
    • copies sample .eslintrc.js to project
    • adds lint and lint:fix scripts to package.json
    • install eslint, prettier and @typescript-eslint dependencies

    Jest Typescript

    npx apply-config jest-typescript
    • copies sample jest.config.js to project
    • adds test and test:watch scripts to package.json
    • install jest and ts-jest dependencies


    npm i apply-config

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