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Android uiautomator driver used by Appium


npm install appium-uiautomator


Appium-uiautomator has two methods start and shutdown.

async start (uiAutomatorBinaryPath, className, startDetector, ...extraParams)

start will push uiAutomatorBinary to device and start UiAutomator with className and return the SubProcess. startDetector and extraParams are optional arguments. startDetector will be used as condition to check against your output stream of test if any. extraParams will be passed along as command line arguments when starting the subProcess.

shutdown will kill UiAutomator process on the device and also kill the subProcess.

import UiAutomator from 'appium-uiautomator';
import ADB from 'appium-adb';

let adb = await ADB.createADB();
let uiAutomator = new UiAutomator(adb);

let startDetector = (s) => { return /Appium Socket Server Ready/.test(s); };
await uiAutomator.start('foo/bar.jar', '',
                        startDetector, '-e', 'disableAndroidWatchers', true);
await uiAutomator.shutdown();


npm run watch


npm version [patch|minor|major]
git push --tags origin master
npm publish