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Utility functions used to support libs used across appium packages.

npm install appium-support

Appium, as of version 1.5 is all based on promises, so this module provides promise wrappers for some common operations.

Most notably, we wrap fs for file system commands. Note the addition of hasAccess. Also note that fs.mkdir doesn't throw an error if the directory already exists, it will just resolve.


  • system.isWindows

  • system.isMac

  • system.isLinux

  • system.isOSWin64

  • system.arch

  • system.macOsxVersion

  • util.hasContent - returns true if input string has content

  • util.hasValue - returns true if input value is not undefined and no null

  • util.escapeSpace

  • util.escapeSpecialChars

  • util.localIp

  • util.cancellableDelay

  • util.multiResolve - multiple path.resolve

  • util.unwrapElement - parse an element ID from an element object: e.g.: {ELEMENT: 123, "element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf": 123} returns 123

  • util.wrapElement - convert an element ID to an element object of the form: e.g.: 123 returns {ELEMENT: 123, "element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf": 123}

  • fs.hasAccess - use this over fs.access

  • fs.exists - calls fs.hasAccess

  • fs.rimraf

  • fs.mkdir - doesn't throw an error if directory already exists

  • fs.copyFile


  • fs.close

  • fs.access

  • fs.readFile

  • fs.writeFile

  • fs.write

  • fs.readlink

  • fs.chmod

  • fs.unlink

  • fs.readdir

  • fs.stat

  • fs.rename

  • fs.md5

  • plist.parsePlistFile

  • plist.updatePlistFile

  • mkdirp

  • logger

  • zip.extractAllTo - Extracts contents of a zipfile to a directory

  • zip.readEntries - Reads entries (files and directories) of a zipfile

  • zip.toInMemoryZip - Converts a directory into a base64 zipfile


Basic logger defaulting to npmlog with special consideration for running tests (doesn't output logs when run with _TESTING=1 in the env).

Logging levels

There are a number of levels, exposed as methods on the log object, at which logging can be made. The built-in ones correspond to those of npmlog, and are: silly, verbose, info, http, warn, and error. In addition there is a debug level.

The default threshold level is verbose.

The logged output, by default, will be level prefix message. So

import { logger } from 'appium-support';
let log = logger.getLogger('mymodule');
log.warn('a warning');`

Will produce

warn mymodule a warning

Environment variables

There are two environment variable flags that affect the way appium-base-driver logger works.


  • _TESTING=1 stops output of logs when set to 1.


  • This flag, when set to 1, reverses the _TESTING



  • get and set the threshold level at which to display the logs. Any logs at or above this level will be displayed. The special level silent will prevent anything from being displayed ever. See npmlog#level.


  • logs to level
    import { logger } from 'appium-support';
    let log = logger.getLogger('mymodule');'hi!');
    // => info mymodule hi!


  • retrieves the underlying npmlog object, in order to manage how logging is done at a low level (e.g., changing output streams, retrieving an array of messages, adding log levels, etc.).

    import { getLogger } from 'appium-base-driver';
    let log = getLogger('mymodule');'hi!');
    let npmlogger = log.unwrap();
    // any `npmlog` methods
    let logs = npmlogger.record;
    // logs === [ { id: 0, level: 'info', prefix: 'mymodule', message: 'hi!', messageRaw: [ 'hi!' ] }]


  • logs the error passed in, at error level, and then throws the error. If the error passed in is not an instance of Error (either directly, or a subclass of Error) it will be wrapped in a generic Error object.

    import { getLogger } from 'appium-base-driver';
    let log = getLogger('mymodule');
    // previously there would be two lines
    log.error('This is an error');
    throw new Error('This is an error');
    // now is compacted
    log.errorAndThrow('This is an error');



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