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Node.js wrapper around Chromedriver and Microsoft Edge WebDriver. The Microsoft Edge WebDriver support is since v5.4.0. This wrapper is not used directly in Appium, but rather by various Android drivers to automate Chrome/Chromium-based browsers and web views using Hybrid Mode approach. Check the corresponding driver tutorials to get more details on it.


This package is intended to be used as a helper module for Appium drivers such as UiAutomator2 and appium-chromium-driver. It was not created for standalone usage. Please ensure you know what you are doing before using this package directly.


This package can work with Microsoft Edge WebDriver as well, but the support is limited. For example, automatic downloads do not work for Microsoft Edge WebDriver.

Skipping binary installation

By default, upon installation the package downloads the most recent known Chromedriver version from Chromedriver CDN server: If, for some reason, you want to install the package without downloading the Chromedriver binary set the APPIUM_SKIP_CHROMEDRIVER_INSTALL environment variable:

APPIUM_SKIP_CHROMEDRIVER_INSTALL=1 npm install appium-chromedriver

Custom Chromedriver version

By default, the package uses the most recent known Chromedriver version. The full list of known Chromedriver versions and their corresponding supported Chrome version could be found in mapping.json

To download a custom version of Chromedriver, please set CHROMEDRIVER_VERSION environment variable:

CHROMEDRIVER_VERSION=107.0.5304.62 npm install appium-chromedriver

Custom binaries url

If you want Chromedriver to be downloaded from another CDN, which differs from the default one, then either set the npm config property chromedriver_cdnurl:

npm install appium-chromedriver --chromedriver_cdnurl=

The property could also be added into your .npmrc file.


Or set the new URL to CHROMEDRIVER_CDNURL environment variable:

CHROMEDRIVER_CDNURL= npm install appium-chromedriver

If you want automatic chromedrivers download feature to work with a custom CDN URL then make sure the server returns a proper list of stored drivers in response to requests having Accept: application/xml header. An example XML could be retrieved from the original URL using curl -H 'Accept: application/xml' command.

Since version 5.6 the second environment variable has been added: CHROMELABS_URL. By default, it points to, and is expected to contain the actual prefix of Chrome for Testing availability JSON API. This API allows retrieval of chromedrivers whose versions are greater than 114.

Similarly to the above it could be also defined in the .npmrc file:


You may also want to skip checking for older Chromedriver versions by providing an empty value to the CHROMEDRIVER_CDNURL variable.


import Chromedriver from 'appium-chromedriver';

// 'sync'-like await/Promise usage
async function runSession() {
    let driver = new Chromedriver();
    const desiredCaps = {browserName: 'chrome'};
    await driver.start(desiredCaps);
    let status = await driver.sendCommand('/status', 'GET');
    await driver.stop();

// EventEmitter usage
function runSession2() {
    let driver = new Chromedriver();
    const desiredCaps = {browserName: 'chrome'};
    driver.on(Chromedriver.EVENT_CHANGED, function (msg) {
        if (msg.state === Chromedriver.STATE_ONLINE) {
            driver.sendCommand('/status', 'GET').then(function (status) {
    driver.on(Chromedriver.EVENT_ERROR, function (err) {
        // :-(


Here's what the Chromedriver state machine looks like:

Chromedriver States

Here are the events you can listen for:

  • Chromedriver.EVENT_ERROR: gives you an error object
  • Chromedriver.EVENT_CHANGED: gives you a state change object, with a state property that can be one of:
    • Chromedriver.STATE_STOPPED
    • Chromedriver.STATE_STARTING
    • Chromedriver.STATE_ONLINE
    • Chromedriver.STATE_STOPPING
    • Chromedriver.STATE_RESTARTING


Build & Lint

npm run build
npm run lint

Run Tests

npm run test
npm run e2e-test



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