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Appium CDP Driver

Appium CDP Driver is a W3C WebDriver that allows you to connect to chromium based android mobile browsers like chrome & samsung browser through any WebDriver client.


Install cdp-driver (if not installed)

appium driver install --source npm appium-cdp-driver

Run Appium

LOCAL_PROTOCOL=true appium server -pa /wd/hub --use-drivers=cdp-driver


Appium Capabilities

Capability Required Type Description
appium:automationName + string Must be CDP
appium:browserName + string Must be chrome or Terrace

W3C Capabilities

Capability Required Type Description
platformName + string Must be android


Command Ref Description Implementation Status
active here Get Active Element
back here Back
clear here Element Clear
click here Element Click
closeWindow here Close Window
createSession here New Session
createWindow here New Window
deleteCookie here Delete Cookie
deleteCookies here Delete All Cookies
deleteSession here Delete Session
elementDisplayed here Is Element Displayed
elementEnabled here Is Element Enabled
elementSelected here Is Element Selected
execute here Execute Script
executeAsync here Execute Async Script
findElOrEls here Find Elements
forward here Forward
fullScreenWindow here Fullscreen Window
getAlertText here Get Alert Text
getAttribute here Get Element Attribute
getComputedLabel here Get Computed Label
getComputedRole here Get Computed Role
getCookie here Get Named Cookie
getCookies here Get All Cookies
getCssProperty here Get Element CSS Value
getElementRect here Get Element Rect
getElementScreenshot here Take Element Screenshot
getName here Get Element Tag Name
getPageSource here Get Page Source
getProperty here Get Element Property
getScreenshot here Take Screenshot
getText here Get Element Text
getTimeouts here Get Timeouts
getUrl here Get Current URL
getWindowHandle here Get Window Handle
getWindowHandles here Get Window Handles
getWindowRect here Get Window Rect
implicitWaitW3C here Set Implicit Timeout
maximizeWindow here Maximize Window
minimizeWindow here Minimize Window
pageLoadTimeoutW3C here Set Page Load Timeout
parentFrame here Switch To Parent Frame
performActions here Perform Actions
postAcceptAlert here Accept Alert
postDismissAlert here Dismiss Alert
printPage here Print Page
refresh here Refresh
releaseActions here Release Actions
scriptTimeoutW3C here Set Script Timeout
setAlertText here Send Alert Text
setCookie here Add Cookie
setFrame here Switch To Frame
setUrl here Navigate To
setValue here Element Send Keys
setWindow here Switch To Window
setWindowRect here Set Window Rect
title here Get Title
uploadFile - Upload File

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