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A node module to append files


npm install -g appender


Using node.js

  var Appender = require('appender');
  new Appender(['path/to/file', 'path/to/other/file']).pipe(process.stdout);

Using the global command

  append path/to/file path/to/other/file > result

Use append -h to get the command usage.


Class: Appender

Create an Appender object. It's a transform stream that can be read to get the result.

var Appender = require('appender');
var stream   = new Appender(paths, options);

paths is an array of paths that can be files and/or directories.


  • skip {integer} number of lines to skip at the beginning of each file (defaults to 0).
  • filter {regexp} only files matching the given regexp (string or litteral) are appended.
  • sort {string} sort files by name before appending them (ASC or DESC).
  • case-sensitive {boolean} use a case-sensitive sort for files, ie. a > Z (defaults to false).
  • inline {boolean} disable linebreak insertion between files (defaults to false).
  • list {boolean} only list matching files, no appending (defaults to false).
  • verbose {boolean} print process steps in stderr (defaults to false).