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Currently not for 2.x

This module is not currently compatible with Apostrophe 2.x. It is intended for Apostrophe 0.5.x.


As a last-ditch effort before issuing a 404, this module automatically issues redirects to the best match found via Apostrophe's search module. Very helpful when recreating a large site with all-new content and new URLs.

This is very magical, and while it works well it will no doubt surprise you with the wrong result sometimes. If that happens a lot, use the apostrophe-redirects module to set up a better redirect manually.

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First make sure you have an Apostrophe project!


npm install --save apostrophe-magic-redirects


In app.js, add the module to your configuration:

... other modules ...
'apostrophe-magic-redirects': { }

That's it!

Too much magic?

Sometimes, this module can feel a little bit too magical. A redirect to a page of little relevance can be disconcerting. If you wish, you can redirect only URLs that match a certain regular expression. For instance, this rule matches only URLs that look like dates:

... other modules ...
'apostrophe-magic-redirects': {
  filter: /\d\d\d\d\-\d\d\-\d\d/

You can also tell the module not to consider URLs that match a regular expression:

... other modules ...
'apostrophe-magic-redirects': {
  notFilter: /\d\d\d\d\-\d\d\-\d\d/

You may also use both options together.


Try visiting various URLs that formerly 404'd on your site. For instance, if "Biology" has moved from "/departments/biology" to just "/biology", try visiting "/departments/biology". Odds are, you'll go to the right place.

Be aware that Apostrophe already creates "soft redirects" every time you change the slug of a page. This module's usefulness is primarily for big migrations in which much of the content has been re-thought, re-written and moved around.


0.5.3: virtual page URLs are remapped properly to the search redirect route, so they don't 404.

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