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    ApostropheCMS 3

    ApostropheCMS is a full-featured, open source CMS built with Node.js that seeks to empower organizations by combining in-context editing and headless architecture in a full-stack JS environment.
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    About ApostropheCMS

    ApostropheCMS is content software for everyone in an organization. It helps teams of all sizes create dynamic digital experiences with elegance and efficiency by blending powerful features, developer happiness, and a low learning curve for content creators. Apostrophe has powered websites and web apps for organizations large and small for over a decade.

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    Getting Started

    To get started with Apostrophe 3, follow these steps to set up a local development environment. For more detail, refer to the A3 getting started guide in the documentation.


    We recommend installing the following with Homebrew on macOS. If you're on Linux, you should use your package manager (apt or yum). If you're on Windows, we recommend the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

    Software Minimum Version Notes
    Node.js 12.x Or better
    npm 6.x Or better
    MongoDB 3.6 Or better
    Imagemagick Any Faster image uploads, GIF support (optional)


    Discord - Twitter - Discussions


    We eagerly welcome open source contributions. Before submitting a PR, please read through our Contribution Guide


    ApostropheCMS is released under the MIT License.


    npm i apostrophe

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