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The `apollo-reporting-protobuf` package is part of Apollo Server v2 and v3, which are now deprecated (end-of-life October 22nd 2023 and October 22nd 2024, respectively). This package's functionality is now found in the `@apollo/usage-reporting-protobuf` package. See for more details.

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Note: The Apollo usage reporting API is subject to change. We strongly encourage developers to contact Apollo support at to discuss their use case prior to building their own reporting agent using this module.

This module provides JavaScript/TypeScript Protocol buffer definitions for the Apollo usage reporting API. These definitions are generated for consumption from the reports.proto file which is defined internally within Apollo.


Note: Due to a dependency on Unix tools (e.g. bash, grep, etc.), the development of this module requires a Unix system. There is no reason why this can't be avoided, the time just hasn't been taken to make those changes. We'd happily accept a PR which makes the appropriate changes!

Currently, this package generates a majority of its code with @apollo/protobufjs (a fork of protobufjs that we maintain specifically for this package) based on the reports.proto file. The output is generated with the generate npm script.

The root of the repository provides some devDependencies necessary to build these definitions and the prepare npm script is invoked programmatically via the monorepo tooling (e.g. Lerna) thanks to this module's postinstall script. Therefore, when making changes to this module, run scripts via npx lerna run SCRIPTNAME in the root of this monorepo in order to update the definitions in this module.

To update reports.proto to the current version recognized by the Studio usage reporting ingress, run lerna run update-proto. To then regenerate the JS and TS files, run npx lerna run generate. We check in the generated code and only regenerate it manually, partially to make builds faster (no need to run pbjs on every npm install) and partially so that we don't have to make sure that pbjs runs on every Node version that we support.

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