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    APW - Apollo Phoenix Websocket

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    Apollo is a feature rich GQL client, APW implements an Apollo GraphQL Network Layer for it over Phoenix Channels allowing you to re-use a single bidirectional connection for executing your queries and mutations, the backend can send new data via subscriptions, and the Apollo client can update its internal store and update your views accordingly.

    Since version 0.6.0, all Apollo operations are supported: queries, mutations, watchQueries (pooling) and subscriptions.

    Using the Apollo Client, queries and mutations resolve to promises, and watchQueries and subscriptions resolve to observables.

    See the Apollo client documentation for more info on how to invoke your GQL backend.


    npm install --save apollo-phoenix-websocket


    Just import the createNetworkInterface from APW and use it to create an ApolloClient.

    The networkInterface function takes an options object, the only required property is uri which specifies your endpoint websocket address.

    import ApolloClient from 'apollo-client'
    import {createNetworkInterface} from 'apollo-phoenix-websocket'
    // Nothing to configure if you are using an Absinthe backend 
    // Otherwise take a look at the Options section. 
    const networkInterface = createNetworkInterface({uri: 'ws://localhost:4000/socket'})
    const apollo = new ApolloClient({networkInterface})


    Most likely, (as you are looking for a phoenix-websocket transport) you might be using the Absinthe library to implement your Elixir GQL server. APW is configured by default to work out of the box with an Absinthe backend.

    But if need araises, you can supply some advanced options to customize how it works. Here's is a commented example of the options that you can set for APW, with their respective default values:

      // The websockets endpoint to connect to, like wss:// 
      uri: WS_URI,
      // how to send queries and mutations 
      channel: {
        topic: '__absinthe__:control',
        event: 'doc',
      // for using websocket subscriptions 
      subscription: (subscriptionResponse) => ({
        topic: subscriptionResponse.subscriptionId,
        event: 'subscription:data',
        // extract the data from the event payload 
        map: payload =>,
        // what to do when unsubscribing 
        off: controlChannel => {
          controlChannel.push('unsubscribe', {
            subscriptionId: subscriptionResponse.subscriptionId
      // If you want to reuse an existing Phoenix Socket, just provide a function 
      // for APW to get it. By default, it will use the Phoenix Socket module. 
      Socket: options => new Socket(options),


    You can use middlewares with use just like with the standard apollo network interface. For example, a middleware can set authorization token on every request.

      applyMiddleware({request, options}, next) {
        // Here you can modify the interface options, for example 
        // you can change the socket/channel that will handle the request 
        // For example for a channel expecting authenticated queries = "gql:restricted" = {...paramsForTopicJoin}
        // Or Modify the request 
        request.variables = {name: 'Luke'}
        // Or Just add authorization token 
        request.context = {authorization: 'jwt_token'}


    You can use afterwares with useAfter just like the standard apollo network interface. An example use-case is for error handling:

      applyAfterware({response, options}, next) {
        // throw an error that will trigger your error handler 
        if (response.error) {
          throw new Error(response.error)

    Absinthe backend

    Absinthe is an amazing project (kudos to @benwilson512 et al.). It's actually very simple to create a GQL backend with it.

    Take a look at the following places for more information:

    Made with love <3

    If you want to provide feedback or even better if you want to contribute some code feel free to open a new issue. Possible thanks to the awesome work of our contributors.


    npm i apollo-phoenix-websocket

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