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A process manager to deploy node application on runtime. Hasslefree deploy command to upload your app from your pc.

Setting server


sudo npm install apm-server -g

Run the server



APM runs on public port 4785. So, if your server has restrictions on PORTs (i.e Azure VM) you have to make 4785 port public.

Installing Client

sudo npm install apm-client -g

Client Commands

$ apm --server localhost	// connect to your remote server, you can define server address in apm.json
apm:> status				// check server is running or not
apm:> deploy 				// deploy current folder or files spcified in apm.json
apm:> restart				// restart your app

Deploy node app

cd myProject
apm --server

This will make a zip of the current folder and send server to deploy.

You can specify your rules by having an apm.json file in the project directory. Define your project files to deploy in src array


	"server": "",

Now you can do deploy without specifying --server address. If you are generating dist of your project you dont have to specify the files. just upload the whole folder.

$ cd dist
$ apm

apm:> deploy

Your app will be deployed in check your browser if it is running successfully or type status on apm console. To avoid server down state, apm uses a temporary port 6002 to switch new app. so a simple nginx config would be:

server {
	listen       80;

	location / {

server {
	listen       80;

	location / {