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Android's apk automatic updater server module for Node.js with Express. This update server is an alternative to Google play server in order to completely manage the APK packages to offer.

See android-auto-updater-client for Android's client library.


Install with npm :

npm install apk-updater

Public API

enable(app, route, repoDir)

Enables update server module.

  • app parent Express application (required)
  • route route prefix for current updater (required)
  • repoDir path for apk directory (optional)
var apkUpdater = require('apk-updater');
var app = express()
apkUpdater.enable(app, '/anyUpdateServerRoute');

This will enable both post GET and POST methods for '/anyUpdateServerRoute' in 'app' and will provide APK files found in './.apk_repo' directory.

In the above example the 'http://yourserver/anyUpdateServerRoute' URL will return the list of all available APK packages as a JSON list.


APK Directory

To change APK directory an extra parameter is needed during initialization. Eg.

enable(app, '/anyUpdateServerRoute', 'myDirectory');

Client usage

See android-auto-updater-client for client implementation.

Provided routes

HTTP GET method returns a JSON list of all available packages.

HTTP POST method with 'pkgname' and 'version' parameters returns an auto-generated download URL if an update is available for the given package and version.