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Project Description

Apio helps in monitoring of Applications. You can easily integrate(see setup below) it with your application and instantly start tracking errors and performance metrics.


  1. Installation instructions: https://youtu.be/XDl2_e6nlKo

  2. Create an account on Apio signup

  3. Register an application on Apio onboarding

  4. Install Apio-node using npm

    npm install apio_node --save

  5. Import apio module const apio = require('apio_node') in your app.js

  6. Add apio request middleware as the first middleware in your app.js using following command app.use(apio.process_request) . This middleware tracks every request.

  7. Add apio exception middleware in the last middleware of app.js using following command app.use(apio.process_exception). This middleware tracks every exception.

  8. Add application_key received after you onboarded your application on step 2 in your config.js file of apio_node module

  9. Make sure you pass the err to apio.process_exception middleware, this means while calling next()in your error handler , pass the error object like next(err)

Thats it :) Now on any error you will receive an email on the registered email id and also you can see all the details of your application on the dashboard of Apio


The Apio service is currently in beta testing phase. We don't take any responsbility of continued service or issues that may arise.

Contact (any queries)

Email: apio.monitor@gmail.com


npm i apio_node

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