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Example Tools for Apigee Edge

These are example tools implemented in nodejs/Javascript, that use the apigee-edge-js library.

They all can retrieve credentials from a .netrc file, or you can pass in user credentials interactively. Also, they use the OAuth authentication mechanism for Apigee Edge.

Import a proxy

Import a proxy, using a bundle zip as the source. Derive the name for the proxy from the *.xml in the apiproxy directory:

./importAndDeploy.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -d ../bundles/

Import a proxy, using an exploded directory as the source. Derive the name from the *.xml in the apiproxy directory:

./importAndDeploy.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -d ../bundles/oauth2-cc

Import, but override the name specified in the proxy XML file in the apiproxy dir:

./importAndDeploy.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -d ../bundles/oauth2-cc  -N demo-oauth2-cc

Import and Deploy a proxy

Deploy to one environment:

./importAndDeploy.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -d ../bundles/protected-by-oauth -e test

Deploy to multiple environments:

./importAndDeploy.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -d ../bundles/protected-by-oauth -e test,prod

Import and Deploy a sharedflow

./importAndDeploy.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -d ../bundles/sharedflow-1 -e main -S

Create a product

./provisionApiProduct.js -n -v -o ORGNAME  -p demo-protected-by-oauth -N Demo-Product-1

Create a developer

 ./createDeveloper.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -E -F Dino -L Chiesa

Create a developer app

./createDeveloperApp.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -N DemoApp1 -E -p Demo-Product-1

Delete a developer app

./deleteDeveloperApp.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -N DemoApp3 -E

Export a set of proxies with a name matching a RegExp pattern

./exportApi.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -P ^r.\*

If you want to just see which proxies would be exported, you can use the -T option.

./exportApi.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -P ^r.\* -T

Export all proxies in an org

This just uses a regex pattern that matches all names.

./exportApi.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -P .

Export a single named proxy

In lieu of the -P (pattern) option you can use -N (name) for a specific proxy.

./exportApi.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -N runload

By defaut the script will export the latest revision of the proxy. If you know the revision you'd like to export, you can use the -R option to specify it.

./exportApi.js -n -v -o ORGNAME -N runload -R 3