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    Express Cli - For API


    Stting up a project

    Install api-express-cli in dev dependecies:

    npm i -D api-express-cli

    Initialize typscript:

    npx tsc --init

    Uncomment outDir in the generated tsconfig.json file and put ./dist.

    Also look for target and put ES2022.

    Add the following scripts in package.json:

    "scirpts": {
    "start":"node ./dist/index",
    "watch-node": "nodemon ./dist/index",
    "watch-ts": "npx tsc -w"

    Initialize project:

    npx aec init

    This will create a structure for the project focused on the MVC model, It has a basic http server to start working.

    The following image shows the structure created.


    Commands Value Params Example Description
    npx aec init --add db:mysq or ws npx aec init --add db:mysql or npx aec init ws or npx aec init --add ws db:mysql ... Add new utilities when the value of --add is passed. You can put as many as there are
    npx aec route npx aec route or npx aec r Create a route with the given name
    npx aec controller npx aec controller or npx aec c Create a controller with the given name
    npx aec model npx aec model or npx aec m Create a model with the given name, as long as a database is configured
    npx aec entity npx aec entity or npx aec e Create an entity with the given name: (controller, route, model)
    npx aec remove db:mysq or ws npx aec remove db:mysql or npx aec rm db:mysq Removes one of the utilities that is added. At the moment you can only delete database utility
    npx aec --help npx aec -h or npx aec Show command help

    Nota: you can use aec or api-express-cli.

    Quick start

    After initializing the project, to verify that everything went well, you have to execute the following commands:

    • Transpile code from ts to js.

      npm run watch-ts

    • Start server.

      npm run watch-node

    You can then see if it is operating correctly by putting this http://localhost:3000 in your browser.


    npm i api-express-cli

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