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Meta application framework.

Apeman is a web framework to create rich UX applications

About Apeman


UI First

When starting developing a new application, what you know is how it looks to user, not the structure to database. With apeman, you can develop user interface first. Then, implement server-side to make it work.

Apeman heavily depends on React.js and Redux, and you can use third party libraries for them.

Forget About HTTP

Of course we use HTTP. But don't want to care about "Should I use POST or PATCH?" or "Where to put my parameter, query or body?" when developing client. Thunks rfunc, you can call functions implemented on server from client as if they are runs on the same environment. No need to implement Restful API anymore.


apeman is available as an npm package.

$ npm install apeman -g

Quick Start

Run apeman init command in your project root.

# Initialize a current directory as an apemanfile.
$ apeman init

This generates a file named Apemanfile.js , which contains configurations for an apeman project.

Then you can use various apeman commands at the directory.

Available Commands


This software is released under the MIT License.