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This takes a apache log, parses it and returns it as buffer


This is an apache parser that takes a line of an apache log and returns it in json line by line through the stream.

npm install --save apachelog-stream

  // read a file 
  var fs = require('fs')
  // liner stream 
  // apachelog-stream 
  var ApacheStream = require('apachelog-stream')
  var logStream = new ApacheStream()
  var input  = fs.createReadStream('/some_random_log.log')  // can be from a stream such as knox or request 
  var output = input.pipe(logStream)
  output.on('data', function(chunk){

combined or common

Takes an array for strings of what you want it to output. Ex: ['ipAddress', 'host']. This needs to be in the same order of the log that it is parsing. THIS WILL OVERRIDE LOGTYPE! So include all the fields that you are wanting.