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    Includes two different side panels:

    • The Inspector side panel provides information and controls to run Apache Beam notebooks interactively.
    • The Clusters side panel displays all Dataproc clusters managed by Interactive Beam and provides controls to configure cluster usage.


    JupyterLab version Extension version
    v3 v2.0.0
    v2 v1.0.0


    jupyter labextension install apache-beam-jupyterlab-sidepanel



    The jlpm command is JupyterLab's pinned version of yarn that is installed with JupyterLab. You may use yarn or npm in lieu of jlpm below.

    # Clone the repo to your local environment
    # Move to apache-beam-jupyterlab-sidepanel directory
    # Install dependencies
    # Build Typescript source
    jlpm build
    # Link your development version of the extension with JupyterLab
    jupyter labextension link .
    # Rebuild Typescript source after making changes
    jlpm build
    # Rebuild JupyterLab after making any changes
    jupyter lab build

    You can watch the source directory and run JupyterLab in watch mode to watch for changes in the extension's source and automatically rebuild the extension and application.

    # Watch the source directory in another terminal tab
    jlpm watch
    # Run jupyterlab in watch mode in one terminal tab
    jupyter lab --watch

    Now every change will be built locally and bundled into JupyterLab. Be sure to refresh your browser page after saving file changes to reload the extension (note: you'll need to wait for webpack to finish, which can take 10s+ at times).


    To run all tests, under apache-beam-jupyterlab-sidepanel directory, simply do:

    # Make sure all dependencies are installed.
    # Run all tests.
    jlpm jest

    This project uses ts-jest to test all ts/tsx files under src/__tests__ directory.

    To run a single test, find out the name of a test in the source code that looks like:

    it('does ABC', () => {...})

    Then run:

    jlpm jest -t 'does ABC'

    Format and lint

    The project uses prettier for formatting and eslint for lint. Prettier is configured as a plugin used by eslint. There are pre-configured yarn scripts to execute them.

    # Under apache-beam-jupyterlab-sidepanel directory.
    # Make sure dependencies are installed.
    # Prettier and eslint are both installed as dev dependencies.
    # Check format and lint issues.
    jlpm eslint:check
    # Check then fix in place format and lint issues.
    jlpm eslint


    jupyter labextension uninstall apache-beam-jupyterlab-sidepanel


    npm i apache-beam-jupyterlab-sidepanel

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