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An Amazon Product Advertising API client.

apa-client - a node.js Amazon product advertising API client

npm install apa-client
  • All operations with Client#execute()
  • Switch the locale with Client#swithLocale()
  • Handle gracefully errors from the XMLParser, http request and specific APA API errors by always passing an Error has first argument in the callback.
// Load dependency 
var apa = require('apa-client');
// Create a client 
var client = apa.createClient({
    "awsAccessKeyId" : "", // your aws access key id here 
    "awsSecretKey" : "", // your secret key here 
    "associateTag" : "" // your associate tag here 
// Switch locale (default endpoint is 
client.switchLocale('fr'); // new endpoint is 
// Execute 'ItemSearch' operation with few arguments 
                SearchIndex : 'All',
                Keywords : 'TV Plasma',
                ResponseGroup : 'OfferFull,Images,ItemAttributes,SalesRank,EditorialReview',
                Availability : 'Available'
                if(err)  return console.error(err);

Before running the tests create a file config-private.json containing your own credentials to create the client.

npm test

(The MIT License) Copyright 2012 HipSnip Limited