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    A suite of functions to handle basic AP styling for numbers, dates and state names. It contains the following functions:

    • apDate: Converts a date object to an formatted date, i.e. 12-25-2010 becomes Dec. 25, 2010.

    • apNumber: Converts an integer into a readable, formatted number, i.e. 2,000,000 become 2 million.

    • apState: Formats state name to correct format, i.e. FL becomes Fla. or, if you're strictly following the new format: Florida.

    A suite of functions to handle basic AP styling for numbers, dates and state names.



    npm i ap-style-suite


    yarn add ap-style-suite;

    You can also clone the repo and use it locally.

    AP dates

    This function formats dates, meaning long months, such as September, October, November, are abbreviated to Sept., Oct. and Nov.

    Shorter months like March, April, May, June and July are excluded.


    The module now contains two functions to handle longform (Dec. 26, 2016) and shorthand (Dec. 26):


    import { apDate } from 'ap-style-suite';


    const apDate = require('ap-style-suite').apDate;


    apDate.short('2016-12-25');  // Dec. 25
    apDate.long('2016-12-25'); // Dec. 25, 2016	

    This module can take a variety of date formats and covert them to AP Style:

    apDate.short('12/25/2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
    apDate.short('12-25-2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
    apDate.short('December 25, 2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016

    As well as long form:

    apDate.long('12/25/2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
    apDate.long('12-25-2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
    apDate.long('December 25, 2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
    Date formatting requirements

    Dates fed as arguments must be full dates with a day, month and year. Otherwise, it will throw an error. The function will also fail if null, an empty string, words or integers are passed.

    Dates formatted in mm/dd/yy must be converted to use a full year.

    AP numbers

    This function formats numbers to displayed on a page. In AP style, numbers less than 10 and more than 999,999 are wrtten out.

    For example, 1 becomes one or 1,000,000 becomes 1 million.

    This function contains three methods: format, smallNumber and largeNumber.

    format takes any number and does the conversion if it's a big or small number. This is for anyone who needs a one-size-fits-all function.

    For those who need a little more control on which numbers they need to format, there's also the formatLargeNumber and formatSmallNumber functions.



    import { apNumber } from 'ap-style-suite';


    const apNumber = require('ap-style-suite').apNumber;


    apNumber.formatNumber('1,000,000');  // 1 million
    apNumber.formatNumber(9); // nine
    apNumber.formatSmallNumber('2'); // two
    apNumber.formatSmallNumber(2); // two
    apNumber.formatLargeNumber('1,000,000'); // 1 million
    apNumber.formatLargeNumber(1000000); // 1 million

    The formatLargeNumber function can format numbers up to a trillion

    apNumber.formatLargeNumber('1,000,000,000,000'); // 1 trillion
    apNumber.formatLargeNumber(1000000000000); // 1 trillion

    To contribute

    1. Clone repo and npm install.
    2. Make changes in a seperate, feature-specific branch.
    3. Make PR with description with your contribution.
    4. New functions, for the time being, must be contained in their own .js file.

    To test

    To add a test, create a new file in test/xxx.test.js. Then run 'npm run test'.

    To Do

    Add state names function


    npm i ap-style-suite

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