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ap-style-date is a JavaScript function to format date objects to AP Style. This mean long months, such as September, October, November, are abbreviated to Sept., Oct. and Nov.

Shorter months like March, April, May, June and July are excluded.


Install the module:

npm i ap-style-date --save-dev

The module now contains two functions to handle longform (Dec. 26, 2016) and shorthand (Dec. 26):

const shortAP = require("ap-style-date").shortAP;
const longAP = require("ap-style-date").longAP ;

shortAP('2016-12-25');  // Dec. 25
longAP('2016-12-25'); // Dec. 25, 2016

This module can take a variety of date formats and covert them to AP Style:

shortAP('12/25/2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
shortAP('12-25-2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
shortAP('December 25, 2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016

As well as long form:

longAP('12/25/2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
longAP('12-25-2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016
longAP('December 25, 2016'); // Dec. 25, 2016

Date formatting requirements

Dates fed as arguments must be full dates with a day, month and year. Otherwise, it will throw an error. The function will also fail if null, an empty string, words or integers are passed.

Dates formatted in mm/dd/yy must be converted to use a full year.

To contribute

  1. Clone repo and npm install.
  2. Make changes in a seperate, feature-specific branch.
  3. Make PR with description with your contribution.

To test

Run 'npm run test'.

To Do

Find a way to implement date freezing.

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