node package manager
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1. installation

  1. Install Docker (if not already installed)

    Docker for Mac

  2. Make sure you are logged in to docker registries on sandbox and the docker hub proxy from a terminal and ask for the credentials to Julien Mandart

    docker login -u <USER> -p <PASSWORD> # internal docker registry
    docker login -u <USER> -p <PASSWORD> # docker hub registry proxy
  3. Build project


2. how to execute tests

tests are written using jest framework

as node.js do not support ES6 import syntax, babel been used to convert JS at runtime to support format for the node.js [you can check package.json "jest" section for the jest config and "./.babelrc" file for the babel config]

test environment support virtual rending using react-dom

to execute tests

  • $ npm test or $ npm run test:w [or npm test -- --watchAll] for the watch mode additional options [don't forget type "--" after npm script-name to pass options to the script itself]
    • --debug - to execute in debug mode
    • --verbose - to print out verbose information about test
    • --coverage - to generate coverage report [stored in ./coverage directory]
    • --watchAll - to launch jest in watcher mode [useful for development] example: $ npm test -- --coverage --debug

3. how to check demo

fetch dependencies [if you didn't yet] $ npm install

  • $ npm start will execute following tasks:
    • build:sass:demo
    • webpack
    • and two jobs concurrently webpack:w and webpack:start
  • $ npm start will start webpack server on localhost:9999