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aoitelegram is a JavaScript/TypeScript library for creating Telegram bots with ease. It simplifies the process of building and managing Telegram bot functionality, similar to aoijs but tailored for Telegram.


  • Over 200 Pre-built Functions: aoitelegram comes equipped with more than 200 pre-built functions, empowering you to effortlessly create dynamic and interactive Telegram bots.

  • Built-in Customizable Local Database: With aoitelegram, you have a robust customizable local database right out of the box.

  • Built-in Custom Function System: aoitelegram offers an easy way to create your custom functions if something is missing. Additionally, it includes the PluginManager class out of the box, aiding you in interacting with other npm packages containing custom functions for aoitelegram.

  • User-Friendly Design: aoitelegram is perfect for beginners with its straightforward function interface. The $ prefix simplifies command writing, ensuring a swift launch for your bot. 🚀

The syntax of aoitelegram and versions above 0.5.0 has been completely changed. Now the code is read from bottom to top, and the standard $if is used as if: "old" in aoi.js (there is no need to specify the if: "old" option, it is set by default).


To use aoitelegram in your project, you can install it via npm:

npm install aoitelegram


Here's a quick example of how to use aoitelegram to create a Telegram bot:

const { AoiClient, LoadCommands } = require("aoitelegram");

const bot = new AoiClient({
  telegram: {
    /** The maximum number of updates to fetch at once. Defaults to 100. */
    limit: 100,
    /** The timeout for long polling in seconds. Defaults to 60 seconds. */
    timeout: 60000,
    /** An array of allowed update types to receive. Defaults to all updates. */
    allowed_updates: [],
    /** An optional session object for managing user sessions  */
    session: {},
  database: {
    /** The available database type to be used is MongoDB, with KeyValue as the default **/
    type: "KeyValue",
    /** The link for connecting to MongoDB **/
    url: "mongodb+srv:...",
    /** The file path to the database storage. */
    path: "./database/",
    /** An array of table names within the database.*/
    tables: ["main"],
    /** The file extension name used for the database file. */
    extname: ".sql",
  /** Functions that will be removed from the library's loading functions. **/
  disableFunctions: [],
  /** Adds native functions to the command handler **/
  native: [],
  /** An array of AoiExtension functions **/
  extension: [],
  /** For the error handler of functions **/
  functionError: true,
  /** To disable text errors **/
  sendMessageError: true,
  /** Disabled built-in database. **/
  disableAoiDB: false,
  /** Outputting system messages to the console. **/
  logging: true,
  /** Checks for available package updates and performs an update if enabled (beta) **/
  autoUpdate: {
    /** Displaying messages about new versions. **/
    aoiWarning: true,
    /**  Whether automatic updates are enabled. **/
    autoUpdate: true,
    /** Whether to enable development versions. **/
    enableDev: true,
    /** Whether to enable beta versions. **/
    enableBeta: true,

  code: `$sendMessage[Sorry, but there was an error in the $handleError[function] function within the $handleError[command] command: $handleError[error]]`,

  code: `$print[Starting @$clientUsername]`,

  code: `$print[Message Handle]`,

  code: `$print[Action Handle]`,

// Define a command to print a message.
  name: "say",
  code: `$sendMessage[$message]`,

// Define a command to check the bot's ping.
  name: "ping",
  code: `$replyMessage[Bot ping: $pingms]`,

// Define a command to display bot information.
  name: "botinfo",
  code: `
Bot ID: $clientId
Name: $clientFirstName
Username: $clientUsername
Ping: $pingms

const loader = new LoadCommands(bot);

// Set user variables in a table.
    sempai: 10,
    string: "Hello, world!",
    aoijs: true,
    webapp: false,
    mz: [],



For detailed documentation and usage instructions, please refer to the aoitelegram Wiki.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Contributions are welcome! If you find any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please create a GitHub issue or submit a pull request.

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