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This plugin for anvil will run jasmine.js tests.

The test directory by convention will be the spec directory.

To install this plugin via anvil, simply run...

anvil install anvil.jasmine

Then add any tests to spec such as sometest.spec.js.

Now you can run...

anvil -j

And the tests will be run alongside your anvil build.

To have the tests run with every anvil run, add the following to your build.json.

    "anvil.jasmine": {
        "alwaysRun": true

Here are the default config values for anvil.jasmine...

config: {
    specDir: "spec",
    verbose: false,
    showColors: true,
    teamCity: false,
    requireJs: false,
    coffee: false,
    jUnitSupport: false,
    alwaysRun: false