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A meta package for Antora that installs both the CLI (@antora/cli) and site generator (@antora/site-generator), as well as any dependencies of these packages. The CLI provides the antora command (i.e., bin script) to run Antora. The site generator provides the function invoked by the generate (default) command of the CLI. Other packages may be included with this package in the future.

Antora is a modular static site generator designed for creating documentation sites from AsciiDoc documents. Its site generator aggregates documents from versioned content repositories and processes them using Asciidoctor.

How to Install

This package adds the antora command to your PATH preconfigured to use the custom site generator.

To install Antora into your Node.js installation (i.e., globally), use:

npm i -g antora

Check that the package was successfully installed:

antora -v

Alternately, to install Antora within your project (i.e., locally), use:

npm i antora

Check that the package was successfully installed:

npx antora -v

When you install Antora locally, you must always prefix the command with npx.

The antora command (specifically the implicit generate subcommand) will look for the @antora/site-generator package by default.

How to Use

To run Antora, you’ll need a playbook file and at least one content (source) repository. Consult the quickstart to find an example.

Once you have your content sources set up, point the antora command at your playbook file:

antora antora-playbook.yml


npx antora antora-playbook.yml

The antora command will output the generated site to the build/site folder by default.

Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2017-present OpenDevise Inc. and the Antora Project.

Use of this software is granted under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 (MPL-2.0).

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