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    node-annotation - 0.1

    This is the first early release for this library. It's purpose is to add annotations support to JavaScript, were you will be able to relate commands to your class, method or property, based on the comments of your file.

    How it Works

    To the lib work properly in this version, you will need to write your comments like the example below:

     * annotationName(annotationValue);

    Each annotation should follow this structure, where a name must be defined (it can be any name, unless isn't a reserved one). Also there is some predefined annotationsName that will automatically insert annotations in one of the namespaces of the library.

    Those predefined names are: Class, Method and Property, and as you can imagine, it is used to define what annotations belongs to the class, properties and so on.

    It's important to notice the presence of (;) ... this is needed to split all the annotations correctly, even when there is just one.

    Annotation Value

    The annotation value should be a valid type of JavaScript or a JSON object.

    Example Usage

    var annotation = require('annotation');
    annotation(fullFilePath, function(AnnotationReader) {
        //get annotations related to the class
        //get annotations related to the method test
        //get annotations related to the property test

    Example of the commented file:

     * @Class();
     * @shouldBeImported();
     * @parse(
     *     {
     *      "hehe": "test",
     *      "foo": {
     *          "value": "bar"
     *      }
     *     }
     * );
    var ClassFoo = function() {
         * @Property("test");
         * @test("test");
         * @type {string} 
         */ = 'test';
     * @Method("test");
     * @testing("test");
    ClassFoo.prototype.test = function() {}


    npm i annotation

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