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AngularJS - Scope.SafeApply




To get this amazing plugin to run on your AngularJS application, simple download the plugin via NPM or Source File.

Then include this in your AngularJS application.

angular.module('YOUR_MODULE', ['Scope.SafeApply']);

As soon as the application is bootstrapped or set to a ng-app directive then the plugin can be used inside your scope variables.


To use the plugin, simple apply all your changes like so:

//use by itself 
//tell it which scope to update 
//pass in an update function that gets called when the digest is going on... 
$scope.$safeApply(function() {
//pass in both a scope and a function 
$scope.$safeApply($anotherScope,function() {
//call it on the rootScope 
$rootScope.$safeApply($scope, fn);


Be sure to install testacular via NPM (NodeJS) with the following command:

sudo npm install -g testacular

Then run this command at the root of the repo to test:


The test output should look like so:

Chrome 24.0: Executed X of X SUCCESS (0.123 secs / 0.123 secs)

Blog Article

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