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Material Design with Simple 30KB CSS File for fast rendering

Setting Up / Installation

npm install --save angular2-simple-ui Include Sui-Module in your app.module.ts

import { SuiModule } from 'angular2-simple-ui/sui/sui.module';

If you don't have any changes simply import style.less into your app.component.ts

import 'angular2-simple-ui/public/css/style.less';

If you want CSS file

import 'angular2-simple-ui/public/css/style.css';

Thats all you are up and running

For Navigation Components

import { INavigationModel, NavigationModel, RouteLinkModel } from 'angular2-simple-ui/sui/sui.navigation/sui.navigation.model';

For Form Components

import { FormBase, TextboxField, DropdownField, FileField, RadioField } from 'angular2-simple-ui/sui/sui.util/sui.util.formBase';

For Table Components

import { TableModel, ColumnModel, EnumFieldType, EnumEditType } from 'angular2-simple-ui/sui/sui.table/sui.table.model';

Change Themes

import variable.less and change Values as per your theme

import variable.less into your style.less and include what ever styles you require for

  • @import 'base.less'; // base normalized less file
  • @import 'font.less'; // ROBO Font file , need to change fonts just import font.less and update it
  • @import 'core.less'; //cor style sheets
  • @import 'grid.less'; // if you want to use Simple UI Grid styles import this
  • @import 'typography.less'; // Simple UI Material Design typography
  • @import 'nav.less'; // Navigation Style sheets
  • @import 'button.less'; // Button Style Sheets
  • @import 'modal.less'; // Modal / Dialog Style Sheets
  • @import 'form.less'; // Input Form Components Style Sheets
  • @import 'table.less'; // Table Style Sheets
  • @import 'accordion.less'; // Accordion Style Sheet
  • @import 'card.less'; // Card Style Sheet
  • @import 'animate.less'; // Simple Animation library
  • @import 'util.less'; // Most Helpful Utils
  • @import 'colors.less'; // Material Colors

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