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    Angular 5/6 Universal Progressive Web App - starter Tweet

    angular-universal-PWA report

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    This repo is the boilerplate for (PWA) progressive web app with Angular Universal (serverside rendering). It is prepared to be easily deployed on serverless environment (Google Cloud Functions & AWS Lambda supported).

    Live demo

    Angular Universal PWA on AWS Lambda + API Gateway


    What's inside?

    • PWA - content is cached and available offline, it can be also installed as native app on Android devices and Google Chrome
    • AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages - super fast initial load (down to ~650ms)
    • Push notifications:
    • Server-side rendering with Angular Universal
    • TransferState
    • Lazy loading modules
    • External modules (You can split your application into multiple projects and lazy-load them, read more here) [TBD after CLI merge - #150]
    • Angular Material
    • Unit tests
    • Firebug Lite (great solution for development on touch-screen devices, ie: tablets)

    Used frameworks/technologies

    • Angular 5.x & 6.x
    • Angular CLI 1.x & 6.x
    • Webpack
    • Serverless framework

    Get Started

    Whatch on Youtube: How to start project with angular-universal-pwa

    Using Angular CLI schematics

    npm install -g angular-universal-pwa

    Create project:

    ng new --collection angular-universal-pwa myApp
    cd myApp
    npm start

    CLI params

    • --provider - What serverless provider you want to use? (aws | gcloud | both) - default both
    • --gaTrackingCode - Provide your Google Analytics tracking code, to enable GA (ie --gaTrackingCode UA-123456)
    • --firebug - Decide if you want to download firebug-lite (true | false) - default false

    Running modes

    • Development mode (autoreload only): npm start
    • Development mode (autoreload + unit tests): npm run build:dev
    • Development mode (autoreload + firebug lite): npm run build:firebug
    • Development mode (autoreload + firebug lite + unit tests): npm run build:dev:firebug
    • Unit tests: npm run test


    Production mode with Node.JS

    npm run build:prod
    npm run server

    Serverless environments

    AWS Lambda

    ng new --collection angular-universal-pwa myApp --provider aws
    npm run build:deploy

    Google Cloud Functions

    ng new --collection angular-universal-pwa myApp--provider gcloud 
    npm run build:deploy

    To do

    Won't implement:

    • load static content from S3 (JavaScript, styles, images):
      • when serving all static content from S3 load speed up is not really visible (increase is around ~0,2 sec),
      • problems with CORS on Chrome,
      • problems with compression of some files (.js files are not compressed in some cases)
      • needs a lot of manual setup (cloudfront setup etc.)

    Looking for something more?

    Feel free to create issue with your feature request


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