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Hi! ^_^

I'm cha0s and I love real-time interactive web applications.

What's Angular Shrub?

Angular Shrub is intended to take Angular Seed to the next level. It includes a server as well as the client application.


  • Scalable (thanks to Redis) real-time client/server communication using

  • Clean and intelligent structure for the common AngularJS patterns (controllers, directives, filters, and services)

  • Numerous built-in tasks for Grunt, for seamless integration of CoffeeScript, LESS, minification, and preprocessing to keep the boilerplate away.

  • Browser-side NodeJS-style modules, with a require service provided in Angular for loading them.

  • Foundational directives and services, such as notifications, navigation, configuration, debugging, and more.

  • Robust system for mocking every aspect of your application, including during E2E tests, which Angular is a bit difficult about, out of the box.

Get rolling

  • Get yourself a clone: $ git clone git://

  • Get in the new directory and then the usual npm install, followed by $ scripts/good-to-go. This script will return 0 if the project builds, and the tests run successfully. In other words, you can easily wire it up in a pre-commit hook.

  • You will need to create a settings file. Copy config/settings-default.json to config/settings.json

  • Spin up the server: $ npm start and navigate to http://localhost:4201 (make sure you've run grunt at least once!)

  • Check out how AngularShrub has generated a lot of Angular boilerplate for you. Particularly app/js/{controllers,directives,filters,services}.js will be of interest.