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Use case

This modules is ahead of time compatible and ready for tree-shaking, can be used as umd module for just in time compilation and supports the babel-stack as esnext with flow.js annotations or typescript within the same codebase!

This module provides generic tools needed for any non trivial appliction:

  • Services
    • Initial data management (pre-)rendered by any backend.
    • Database abstraction layer and in-browser integration.
    • Easy extendable injector tokens through application specific injector auto detection.
  • Pipes
    • Sorting
    • Extraction / Slicing
    • Number, Date(Time) and string representation
  • Components build on top of material2
    • Abstract (auto updatedable) item and/or items components.
    • Simple content carousel.
    • File input / preview.
    • Form fields with generic description, placeholder and validation auto generated from a model specifications.
    • Text- and Codeeditor with lazy and optional resource loading.
    • Live Date and Time representation.
    • Pagination
  • Helper
    • Easy and pre-configured prerendering utility.
    • Central default animation concept.
    • Generic pre-configured ahead of time compilation specification.
    • Automatic module asset determination of (exports, declarations and provider).